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Learn how a real estate team created a positive work culture in and out of the office.

See how a real estate team created a positive work culture in and out of the office and motivated consistency in sales.

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“Arcade's been a great tool for us and the biggest difference for us was the culture improvement that it brought.”

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Customer Story

eXp Realty was founded in 2002 as a cloud-based residential real estate brokerage. It operates in 47 U.S. states and parts of Canada, with over 315 different multiple listing service (MLS) market areas. It is one of the fastest growing real estate brands in North America, with a recorded 171% TTM agent growth in 2017.

Ryan Ruehle is one of these agents, and leads a team of 18 fellow real estate agents. His main endeavors include recruiting and training other agents and creating and maintaining workplace culture.

The Challenge

Working in sales is like going to the gym - you can't expect to see results in a week. It requires day-to-day consistency to see meaningful results in the long-term. However, the challenge lies in the daily tasks required for success; these responsibilities are often tedious and tiresome to keep track of.

In Ryan's case, only 20 to 30 percent of reps were accurately tracking sales activities on a constant basis, making it incredibly difficult for Ryan to detect opportunities for optimization and most importantly, employee development.

The Solution

Incentivizing The Right Behaviors

Only a small number of agents were consistently tracking their progress and metrics through cumbersome and menial procedures. These were mainly performed for administrative and executive staff to glance over, and quickly became a chore for the majority of the team. However, Ryan understood the importance of tracking progression - a critical component of employee development. He needed a new practical system that simplified these mundane tasks into palpable benefits his team could appreciate.

Creating Dynamic Reward Systems

Ryan's team were accustomed to bland monthly paycheck rewards, being a team based on sales commission. While this system was adequate, Ryan sought to establish a new and inspiring reward system that sparked genuine excitement for his team to work towards.

Fostering A Beneficial Workplace Culture

Above all things, Ryan wanted one thing for his team: a fun environment that lasted. It was vital for his team to band together during a down period, and to celebrate the windfalls of success together as a tightly-knit unit. It was essential for this new culture to be beneficial, approachable, and accessible around the clock, allowing any team member to participate whenever they wanted.

The Impact

Ryan decided to roll out Arcade amongst his team. The participation rate was staggering - all 18 of his team began to use the application, immediately logging their work progress because of gamification. Weekly games set up by an Arcade Specialist helped create friendly competition between teammates, encouraging them to one-up each other. The reception was positively overwhelming. "That was the biggest change for us," Ryan says. "Having some fun, different games to play throughout the week gives us a variety of different rewards we can implement."

Ryan's agents now share status updates, metrics, pictures, and more through the Arcade app, allowing them to be transparent with both their numbers and activity. Through Arcade, Ryan is able to keep tabs on how well each team member is doing, and is certain that Arcade is a step forward for the team to bond together as a whole - today, and for the days yet to come.

"Obviously, for us at the end of the day it's all about numbers. But I wanted something more that could help keep building the culture the way that we want. Arcade helped everyone buy in, and helped build that culture we wanted. Teammates can call each other out; in a fun way, not to tear them down. Being able to see those communications happen throughout the whole team and holding their own conversations has been great," he says.

The Results

Since introducing Arcade, 100% of reps are now accurately tracking their day-day sales activities and workplace culture has seen a substantial lift. Ryan has said goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and processes, instead turning them into exciting games and competitions that have led to higher engagement and participation. Ryan is extremely pleased with how Arcade's smooth rollout managed to quickly engage his entire team, now allowing him to better understand his sales organization and assist with meaningful employee development.

"Arcade's been a great tool for us and the biggest difference for us was the culture improvement that it brought. We're not a huge team, so having something that acts like glue for us really helps."

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