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Learn how this furniture retailer substantially increased buy-in at corporate owned stores.

Snooze lifted sales revenue 12.7% by maximizing employee engagement in its corporate-run stores.

Results with Arcade:

“Arcade is a game-changer and has brought the fun back to the retail teams I work with every day. I believe there is no other product on the market that even comes close to competing with Arcade in engaging, motivating, entertaining, rewarding and driving a sales team to achieve more than they have ever achieved before.”

Key Stats:
Increase in same-store sales revenue
Savings on Sales Incentives

Customer Story

Snooze is a leading furniture retailer, operating over 80 premium store locations nationwide. A portion of Snooze’s stores are owned and operated by the company, while other stores are run by franchisee owners.

Mal Wade is the National Company Owned Store Manager at Snooze. Since the company’s founding in 1979, franchisee owned stores have consistently outperformed company stores. Mal knew this difference was solely due to the unmatched levels of buy-in and passion demonstrated by owner-operators.

The Challenge

When Mal came into his role at Snooze he was determined to lift the level of ownership, engagement and buy-in at the company’s suite of corporate-owned stores. This would help company owned stores to reach their full potential.

If this ambitious effort was successful it would enable company owned stores to match the performance of franchisee owned stores for the first time in the company’s 39 year history.

The Solution

Lift engagement at company owned stores

Mal needed to motivate managers and sales associates at company owned stores to behave like owner-operators. This would mean going the extra mile for customers, spearheading innovations and process improvements, and developing deep product knowledge. To achieve this, employees would need to feel deeply connected to their role and to the success of their store.

Serve the customer at the highest level

Snooze was determined to craft world-class customer experiences in-store. In doing so, they expect to increase units per transaction and average ticket value as well as repeat business and customer referrals - all vital to the company’s future growth. This would require their sales associates to be well equipped with strong product knowledge and the willingness to serve customers at the highest level. This was a challenge in an environment with a large showroom and little community and connection between stores located far apart.

Build a strong company culture across a network of stores

Communication between stores was fragmented across multiple channels, leading employees to mostly avoid communicating outside their own stores. This risked creating knowledge silos that stopped learnings at individual stores and the spread of best-practices, especially as it pertained to consistency of product displays which are a vital component to the customer experience. Snooze needed to reduce friction for employees to share knowledge and insights, and seek support and advice from other stores.

The Impact

Mal had already seen the positive impact of Arcade in his previous role at a national consumer electronics retailer. Upon taking up a new role Snooze, Mal shared his passion for the Arcade platform with his new employer. Snooze decided to trial Arcade at its company owned stores. At the conclusion of the trial Snooze decided to adopt Arcade for the long-term, making it a part of every employees’ daily workflow.

Arcade significantly increased the level of buy-in and ownership demonstrated by managers and sales associates at company owned stores. It achieved this with its system of micro-incentives, automated rewards and sales contests closely tied to store-wide success. Store managers and sales associates alike began to act more like owner-operators, going the extra mile when serving customers and co-workers.

“Arcade makes a big company feel like a family.” - Catherine, Armadale

The platform enabled employees to offer world-class customer experiences by making it fun to serve the customer. Positive customer interactions and high ticket-value sales were connected to rewards, recognition and games offered within the Arcade platform.

Organized, instantaneous communication between stores helped to break down barriers to knowledge-sharing and innovation in the business. Passionate employees used the platform to share learnings and best practices on product displays, which were then adopted at other stores in the Snooze network. This allowed Snooze’s best employees to magnify their positive impact on the company, greatly benefiting the customer experience.

“To be able to have access to staff all around the country at the touch of a button is by far the best tool for success within the company.” - Wayne, Noarlunga

Arcade used micro-incentives to encourage employees to publicly recognize and appreciate one another for great work, helping to build a strong, unified and resilient company culture across a disparate network of store locations.

“The visual of seeing where other company stores are sitting on the leaderboard is an incentive for a healthy competition between stores.” - Fiona, Claremont

The Arcade team worked closely with Mal to rapidly onboard the company’s employees. A dedicated account manager piloted every aspect of getting Snooze setup with Arcade, leaving Mal free to focus on the many day-to-day tasks involved with running a large network of stores.

Their dedicated Arcade Account Manager was on-hand at all times to answer questions, give advice, and help with every aspect of motivating and engaging employees. Mal says he has loved the stress-free experience of introducing Arcade at his stores.

The Results

“Arcade is a game-changer and has brought the fun back to the retail teams I work with every day. I believe there is no other product on the market that even comes close to competing with Arcade in engaging, motivating, entertaining, rewarding and driving a sales team to achieve more than they have ever achieved before.”

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