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Boost store sales


Increase store productivity


Reduce store turnover

Gamified Incentives That Improve Performance

When your team hits critical KPIs like new box and accessory sales, service plans, and customers served, it improves your bottom line. But getting everyone to meet these requirements can be a struggle. Traditional incentive programs reward rockstars but fail to motivate everyone else.

Arcade's employee engagement and gamification platform allow you to:

  • Gamified incentives
    boost store sales by 20%
  • Streamline communication
    increase store productivity by 21%
  • Recognize employees
    Reduce store turnover by 40%

Let Arcade fuel your store performance and employee productivity with engaging team incentives and games.  

Take the first step to leveling up your store.

With Arcade you can:

  • Motivate employee performance with fun & games
  • Use rewards to boost employee engagement & productivity
  • See game-changing results

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Start Optimizing Performance

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Building a successful reward program
  • How to create games to incentivize your team
  • Ways to get started quickly
We help to engage teams:
We help to engage teams:

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