A Game Plan To Tackle Employee Boredom

Eddy Lim
April 2, 2019

Employee boredom is a silent killer. It reduces morale, motivation, and general business performance. Gallup reports that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450-$550 billion in lost productivity per year!

Employee boredom is a silent killer. It reduces morale, motivation, and general business performance. Gallup reports that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450-$550 billion in lost productivity per year!

While potential profits are lost, so too are bored staff members. A study by Udemy revealed that over 43% of U.S. office workers are disengaged at their workplace, and that bored workers are twice as likely to leave the company in search of something more intellectually stimulating.

Here are several statistics taken from the study:

  • People in entry to mid-level jobs are more bored than those at senior levels
  • Over 51% of bored workers felt the same way for more than half of their work week
  • 46% of workers indicated they did not have any opportunities to learn new skills
  • 44% of workers described their work as unchallenging and didn't make use of their education
  • 30% of workers said they didn't have enough to do
  • 29% of workers said they were distracted by social media
  • 25% of workers said they had too much to do

Age also plays a part here; millennials were found to be nearly twice as bored at work than baby boomers. This may be a key insight into why millennials are job-hopping more than any other generation.

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Preventing employee turnover

This brings up an issue that plagues workplaces worldwide - staff retention. It can cost up to double an employee's salary to fully replace them, and that's before factoring in company experience and job familiarity forever lost with their departure.

One of the leading causes of workplace boredom is the absence of learning opportunities. 46% of employees surveyed by Udemy admitted they lacked opportunities to learn any new skills at their workplace. This lack of career and personal growth cultivates a negative attitude of lethargy and nonchalance in the workplace, and should be avoided at all costs. Finding solutions to these problems should be your number one priority in order to maintain a satisfied workforce constantly performing at their best. Fortunately, we're here to help you with this task.

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How to eliminate boredom in the workplace

We've done our research and come up with a number of ways to both decrease workplace boredom and increase workplace engagement. These key tips will ensure your employees are continually performing at their best, while informing them how and where they belong in your organization.

1. Provide a clear and thorough advancement path for your employees.

A workplace engagement study by AON Hewitt revealed that a perceived lack of career opportunities has a major negative impact on employee engagement and retention. A transparent advancement path lets your employees know they're appreciated and wanted in your company. Lay out the stepping stones to show your employees when and where their next advancement is; these tiered goals demonstrate that you have a long-term place for them in your organization.

2. Recognize and reward achievements.

Rewards are one of the most powerful tools in an employer's arsenal. Whatever the type of reward, the main objective is to recognize the efforts of your employees. If you need some reward ideas that won't break the bank, we've compiled a list of ideas here.

3. Maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Are your hires losing interest in their work, or constantly looking burned out? Assess their workload and ensure it's appropriate for their position. An underworked or overworked employee will never perform at their best. Ensure your staff have a healthy work-life balance to allow them to recharge and come back to work rejuvenated each morning.

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4. Provide ways for employees to develop themselves.

As mentioned earlier, one severe cause of employee boredom is the lack of learning opportunities. Providing micro-learning courses, healthy activities like yoga and pilates, or team-building exercises can really lift employees' spirits. Personal development is equally important to career development.

5. Give more responsibility to bored workers.

Sometimes bored workers just need a little more on their plate to cull their lethargy. Responsibility adds importance and significance to an employee's everyday job.

6. Embrace gamification.

Why not combine work and play? Gamifying the workplace is a scientifically proven method to increase productivity, mood and engagement. When used in combination with a dynamic rewards system, gamification has limitless potential in your workplace. A 2015 study by AON Hewitt discovered that a mere increase of 5% in employee engagement resulted in a 3% increase in revenue growth in the subsequent year.

In summary...

Boredom leads to unproductiveness. Unproductiveness leads to laziness. Laziness leads to the dark side a net loss of profit in the long run - be it through the loss of staff members, or the loss in productivity.

Keep up to date with your hires and see how they're handling their workload. Inculcate a workplace culture that excites your employees and makes them want to come back, day after day.

If your work environment feels stale, uninspiring or just doesn't seem to motivate anyone, we're here to help. At Arcade, it's our goal to maximize and maintain workplace engagement at your organization. Our specialized team members can help you quash workplace boredom with a simple tap on a screen; you won't find anyone better than us for gamification.

Want to find out more? See Arcade live in action and request a demo.

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