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Arcade User of The Month: May 2019

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Congrats, Matt!

Published on:
June 12, 2019
Illustrations by:
Written by:
Alison Zook

Congrats, Matt!

Matt used Arcade to break the ice between a new hire and the rest of the office.

Matt Jaggers is a Branch Manager at Labor Smart, a premier temporary labor provider in the United States. Matt and his coworkers use Arcade's variety of functions to chat, share photos and status updates, and unlock exciting rewards.

When a new CSR Officer joined the team at Labor Smart, Matt made up a friendly competition with her to break the ice. Their goal was to see how many chests they could open, and how many different rewards they could unlock.

"We had a great time with Arcade, exploring the app and seeing what it had to offer," Matt says. "We were laughing and high-fiving when opening the chests, until I busted and ran out of tokens to use!"

The new CSR Officer was even able to use the Arcade app to pair faces to names, speeding up the familiarization process tenfold!

"Arcade's been great for our new CSR Officer," Matt says. "She can see everyone throughout all our branches, and match faces and personalities to the voices she hears on calls. Overall, we're having a great time and it's been a real office bonding moment!"

We absolutely love hearing stories like this. At Arcade, it's our mission to break down the walls between work and play, with our goal to create one million happy workers around the world.

Congratulations to Matt for being our Arcade User of the Month of April! For sharing his awesome story, Matt has been awarded 5000 Arcade tokens - just don't go spending it all at once!

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Until next time,

Alison Zook

VP of Customer Success

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