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Gallup: High Performing Retail Sales Employees Hit Hardest By Disengagement

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New research by Gallup has found that your organization's highest performing retail sales employees are severely impacted by workplace disengagement.

Published on:
February 4, 2018
Illustrations by:
Written by:
Tash Postolovski

New research by Gallup has found that your organization's highest performing retail sales employees are severely impacted by workplace disengagement.

High performing employees who are not engaged are just as likely to leave an organization as the least engaged employees with the highest levels of performance issues. This research highlights the importance of workplace engagement, particularly when it comes to your most valuable employees.

Gallup found that turnover rates for high talent but disengaged staff were roughly equal to the turnover rates of low talent disengaged staff.


Talented employees have high expectations.

Your most talented retail sales employees also expect the most from your organization. They work extremely hard on the sales floor, and want to be recognized for doing so.

Talented employees have opportunities elsewhere.

High-performing retail sales staff understand that they are in high demand, and often have skills that transfer well across organizations.

Performance is not the same as engagement.

It's easy to make the mistake of assuming that high-performing retail sales employees are by necessity also highly engaged. This isn't the case, as Gallup's research shows.

What can you do?

Identify your highest performing employees.

The first step in nurturing your highest performing employees is to have a system for identifying who they are. To do this, you must understand the relevant performance metrics for your retail workforce. What do you care about the most? Is it customer experience? Sales volume? Upsells? Speed of service?

Once you've identified your key performance metrics, you need some way to measure them. Arcade helps you to identify your highest performing employees and teams by tracking and measuring key performance metrics in the form of fun games and tournaments that are particularly attractive to high performing employees.

Measure the engagement levels of your best employees.

Once you've identified your highest performing employees, the next step is to gain an understanding of the engagement levels within this group. Pulse surveys (short, frequent surveys), one on ones, and employee NPS scores are all ways to achieve this.

Recognize your best employees.

Now that you've developed an understanding of who your highest performing employees are, and how deeply they are engaged with your organization, it's time to work on re-engaging any disengaged high performers.

Recognition is one of the fastest, and most effective, ways to do this. Research has shown that a lack of recognition is one of the primary causes of workplace disengagement. To start re-engaging your high performing employees, it's necessary to create a culture of employee recognition. Remember that recognition should not only come from management: it's important that peer-to-peer recognition is also encouraged and facilitated in your organization.

Engage your best employees.

Your best employees


to be re-engaged by your organization. In fact, it is much easier to re-engage a high peformance employee than it is to engage a disengaged, low performing employee. To get started, here are 10 tips to re-engage your retail sales workforce.

Remember this simple formula

Talent x Engagement x Tenure = High Performance

Gallup have summed up the findings of their research using the above simple formula. It's a helpful reminder that there are multiple factors that contribute to high performance. It is arguable that engagement is the critical factor, as it directly influences tenure, with highly engaged employees much more likely to stay within your organization for many years.

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