Games 2.0: More Fun Than Ever Before

Carson Jones
February 18, 2019

It's been almost exactly a year since we added Games to Arcade.

It's been almost exactly a year since we added Games to Arcade.

Since then we've seen our customers achieve massive wins using Games, holding competitions on everything from sales, to appointments set, to shares on social media.

Managers have used Games to focus employees around actions and behaviors that move the needle for their business. And employees have also benefited, winning thousands of Tokens and other rewards, having a blast with their team-mates, reaching personal goals, and gaining a new sense of purpose and motivation at work.

Games Are Now Even Better

Over the last year we've been gathering feedback on how we can make Games even more fun. Our users told us that they wanted better visibility on their progress toward winning prizes, snagging 1st place, and leap-frogging the competition. In response, we've made some core improvements to how we help employees visualize their progress with Games.


Arcade App Screenshot - Race Game

Races will have you speeding around the racetrack as you attempt to overtake the competition and claim 1st place. Compete against your coworkers to claim top spot.


Arcade App Screenshot - Tournament Game

Who can build the highest vine? You'll find out as part of Tournaments in Arcade, a Game where the top three scores win. You'll be reminded of old-school Mario Party games as you strive to climb further than the competition.


Arcade App Screenshot - Bounty Game

Climb every mountain with Bounties, a personal challenge where you compete against yourself. Watch yourself soar up the mountain as your reach your goal. Can you get there before time expires?

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Behind the Scenes

Sharon Chen is a developer/designer and is part of the team that worked on the revamp of Games.

"We wanted to create something that would immediately feel like a game, while still giving people all the information they needed," she says.

"At a glance, game-players can see what the game is about, what they stand to win, what they need to do, and how they can improve."

Sharon says that Games are now much more interactive. "For a Race or Tournament, you can see who your direct competitors are: the person just in-front of you, and the person immediately behind you. It's going to spur even more friendly competition."

Most importantly, Sharon says that the overhaul to Games will make them more enjoyable than ever before. "It's a really fun representation of what people are doing at work. It makes it that much more exciting to hit your targets."

Arcade users can try out the new Games in Arcade immediately.

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