Keep Them Happy! How to Retain Top Talent

Dave Cherrie
June 25, 2019

If you're a sales manager, it's your responsibility to engage your entire sales team with their work. It's completely up to you to constantly maintain their levels of motivation and a positive work ethic.

If you're a sales manager, it's your responsibility to engage your entire sales team with their work. It's completely up to you to constantly maintain their levels of motivation and a positive work ethic.

This isn't always an easy task. It's a challenge in itself to keep your team constantly engaged, let alone increasing their performance over time. Thankfully, we've got a few tips to help you with this daunting task.

Strategic Onboarding

The most effective onboarding programs engage new hires with orientation programs that focus on respect, support and fun. Since your employees are the greatest assets for your business, it's essential to introduce them to a culture that puts them first.

Research by Brandon Hall Group discovered that businesses with effective onboarding programs increased the retention of new hires by 82 percent and boosted productivity by over 70 percent. We've distilled some of their findings into a few pointers below to help you assess if your onboarding program is up to snuff.

Make Personal Connections

Creating a positive first impression for new hires is an absolute must. Aim to create meaningful connections with your new hires and find out what makes them tick. In addition to sharing your company's goals and values, discover what they want to achieve by working at your firm.

Introduce New Hires

Make sure to introduce your new hires to other staff members on the first day. Assigning mentors to impart company culture and sales training to your new hires is another popular alternative.

Use Onboarding Portals

Onboarding portals help assimilate your fresh team members into their new environment. These portals simplify task management, forms, and other menial tasks. The less paperwork your new employees have to deal with, the better.

Onboarding portals also have the potential to offer access to instructional videos, virtual HR, employee benefits and company forms, speeding up time-consuming processes.

80% of employees report that gamification helped them be more productive, engaged, and happier at work. Download our employee retention guide to learn more.

Utilize Positive Reinforcement

It's important to reward your top talent to increase their enthusiasm for their work. Whether you verbally praise your employees or use digital apps and gamification as incentives, you want your employees to take pride in all that they do.

Positive reinforcement is an excellent strategy to assist with employee retention. Rewarding employees when they produce excellent work is necessary to retain your top talent. When your employees feel appreciated, they'll go the extra mile to meet your company's goals.

Provide Career Training Opportunities

Offering professional development is one of the most effective ways on how to retain top talent. If you provide coaching, training resources and mentoring, it encourages your team to work towards bigger and better opportunities.

Professional development boosts confidence in both the workplace and in all aspects of life. This additional training helps your sales team tackle unforeseen challenges and adapt to any necessary changes required in the workplace.

Guiding your employees into career paths that sharpen their talents helps them become the responsible, adaptable, and well-rounded salespeople you need to generate maximum sales.

Career training is also a strategic method for promoting in-house. You can train your talent in the areas where you need improvements, then assigning them new positions to cover them.

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Give Employees More Control

Empower your employees by involving them in decision-making opportunities. By offering them the freedom to make decisions and being held accountable for them, your employees will perform better and give you their best.

Other than developing problem-solving skills, promoting autonomy signifies your absolute trust in them to perform their duties. By giving more control to your team members, mutual trust is created between management and staff, empowering both parties.

Encourage Communication

Open communication is essential for retaining talented employees. You want to encourage them to open up to you. They shouldn't be afraid to voice their concerns or offer their opinions.

Encourage them to ask questions, make suggestions for workplace improvements and discuss their goals. When management and employees communicate openly and honestly, it creates a culture of respect and learning.

Show that you're always willing to listen and that you value the opinions of each one of your team members.

Destress the Workplace

On days when your employees feel stressed and overwhelmed, they should have a way to recharge in the workplace.

Many companies today are creating wellness cultures that focus on the mental and physical well-being of their staff. Whether it's a quiet lounge with comfortable furniture or a meditation class in the workplace, relieving anxiety is an ideal method to improve team performance in the long run.

Another method is to revolutionize the way tasks are performed - think about incorporating gamification into your workplace, which is currently taking the world by storm.

Gamification software such as Arcade aims to take the anxiety and stress out of work. Through the application, your employees can take part in contests, earn points for special rewards and even share updates with their colleagues.

In Summary:

A well-designed onboarding program is always a great start to spark your new hires' enthusiasm. Following that, presenting opportunities for both career and personal development is key to retaining your top talent. Open-door policies and a relaxed work culture further add to a welcoming environment for your employees.

Why not give gamification a shot? At Arcade, we're all about fostering a positive attitude to work, simply by incorporating elements of play. We've boosted sales revenue for some of the world's biggest clients in a multitude of industries - all through the power of gamification.

If you're interested in finding out more, contact us for more information and for a free demo.

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