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New Arcade Games!

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In an effort to make work more fun and make teams more productive, today we're happy to announce a vast improvement to Games & Goals within Arcade.

Published on:
February 16, 2018
Illustrations by:
Written by:
Carson Jones

In an effort to make work more fun and make teams more productive, today we're happy to announce a vast improvement to Games & Goals within Arcade.

Introducing Goals and Games

For the past 6 months, customers that have integrations with us have been able to run competitions around business objectives. With our help, managers previously could build competitions for "Most accessories added", "Highest gross profit", "Most appointments set", etc. Winners at the end of the month would be rewarded and this led to some serious increase in sales!

But what if your team wants to host competitions more frequently? What if your team doesn't have an integration with us?

With the new Games & Goals in Arcade, teams now have the flexibility to run games themselves, straight from the app.

Step 1: Choose how to keep score

Every business runs on outcomes, which is why you'll hear managers toss around terms like "KPIs" and "business objectives". Inside the manage section of the app, teams can now create metrics that they want employees to track inside of Arcade.

Step 2: Create a game

Once you have a metric in place, managers can then create competitions around these metrics - customizing who plays, when the game starts and ends, and what rewards to give out to winners.

We've included a few game types to get you started:


In this game type, choose a benchmark or target for players to shoot for. Any player that reaches the target before time expires will win prizes!


As with the bounty game, a Race game is about hitting the target. However, only the first to finish will be rewarded. The heat is on!


Veteran Arcade customers will recognize this game as "The League". Tournaments are a great way to encourage competition - the top 3 winners of this game are rewarded. Tournaments differ from the league as they can now be ran over the weekend, for a week, or even for a day.

Start playing today!

Ask your manager to get metrics set up in Arcade so they can then create games for your teams to play. Any new game will automatically create a post of the newsfeed for everyone to get started!

Need some help getting metrics set? Want some advice on what kind of game to run? Considering an integration with us? Schedule a time with someone from our product team who can help:

Still to come

Over the next few months, we'll be continuing our efforts to make gamification work for your business. We're focused on a few key features to make Arcade more fun, including: - Allowing for team-based games - Making games repeatable, so you can run consistent competitions with ease - Allowing managers to upload sales straight to Arcade, so employees don't have to manually track metrics

Game on.

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