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Top Tips for Wireless Retail Customer Service

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If you’re like us, you’re always looking for new ways to improve your customer service experience.

Published on:
February 12, 2021
Illustrations by:
Written by:
Andre Riley
Customers looking at mobile phones

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for new ways to improve your customer service experience. Wireless retail operations offer some unique needs and unique customer service solutions. Here are just a few tips for bringing your customers the best service they can get— which will usually bring them back time and again.

Send out a quick survey

According to SurveyMonkey, businesses who gauge customer satisfaction are 33% more likely to consider themselves successful. And it makes sense. Customer satisfaction surveys are an excellent source of data, which you can use to fine tune your operations. As a wireless retailer, you have the unique advantage of email and text access to every one of your customers without asking for their info.

The psychology of surveys can be tricky, though. Some customers will resent the intrusion. Others, having just made a considerable purchase, will let their buyer’s remorse leak into their survey answers. So to smooth out those obstacles, we recommend two survey techniques:

  • Instruct your reps to tell customers, post-sale, that they’ll get a text or email with a link to a survey. This will let your customers know that they won’t be getting random, spammy emails from your store every other day.
  • Offer a small reward for filling out the survey. Even a low-value discount for their next accessory purchase can make your customers feel like they’re being rewarded, rather than doing you a favor.

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Create a trustworthy environment

UK consultants Live and Learn report that customers will judge your store within 3-5 seconds of their arrival. Can you blame them? Since you’re in wireless, any given customer might be planning to spend hundreds of dollars on the latest device, or sign a contract that will cost them even more over the course of the next year.

You work with some of the biggest tech conglomerates on the planet, but customers don’t just want to trust Apple, T-Mobile, and Samsung. They also want to be able to trust you. They want a local wireless support team. But if they come into your store and see a mess, that trust factor drops.

Your store might be in a poorly kept mall or a rough neighborhood. That’s probably outside your control. But you can still create that trustworthy environment with a clean, modern, uncluttered store. If a lightbulb is flickering, change it right away. Keep your displays current. Put your latest products front and center. Be that support team, and your customers will keep coming back.

Train every rep in every product

Another key element of that trustworthy environment is product knowledge. When your reps know your entire line inside and out, they’ll be able to find customers the solutions they need, not just the ones you want to sell them. Tulip Retail found that 79% of customers consider employee product knowledge “important” or “very important.”

This is especially crucial in wireless retail. Not just for the aforementioned high price point of phones and tablets, but because most phones might look the same to an untrained customer. They’re not like cars, presenting wildly different appearances depending on brand and class. You don’t have to know much about cars to know that you’d rather have a hatchback than a full-size pickup truck. A glance at most smartphones will just reveal dark, glass rectangles, though they might all be very different internally.A well-trained rep can help each customer find the right phone for his or her needs, at the right price, all while explaining the differences clearly and patiently.

Strengthening your customer service experience is a great way to grow your bottom line in the long term. For the short term, check out our infographic: How to Encourage More Upsells & Cross-Sells in Wireless Retail.

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