Why Your Team Needs A Daily Huddle

Eddy Lim
April 15, 2019

Daily Huddles are all about celebrating team wins, milestones, and achievements, in addition to reflecting on areas for improvement.

Meetings are out, and Daily Huddles are in.

Daily Huddles are all about celebrating team wins, milestones, and achievements, in addition to reflecting on areas for improvement.

As the name suggests, Daily Huddles are a group communication activity effort held once a day. Done either in person or online, daily huddles are a time for you to guide your team as well as for your team to share updates with each other.

Why Daily Huddles?

The huddle is an important part of every successful work day. Here are a few key reasons why you should start implementing it into your team's daily program.

  • Generate focus on productive behaviors and long-term goals
  • Reflect on learning opportunities that may have come up on the previous day
  • Share tips and tricks to start off the day on the right foot

Daily Huddles will allow your team to direct their attention on collective objectives, while having a space to provide feedback and updates on their own personal tasks.

How Do You Run A Daily Huddle?

Don't worry, hosting a Daily Huddle is easier than you think. Here at Arcade, we've got a handful of tips for you to ensure hassle-free Huddles every time.

1. Choose a time and stick with it

Choose a time that fits for your whole team. We recommend running the huddle before your store opens, but pick a time that works for your members. If your workers have shift schedules, try to compromise by choosing a time where everyone is present and available. Once set, be consistent with its timing!

Daily Huddles should ideally not last more than 10-15 minutes. Having a clear end time lets everyone know that this will not last forever, and a time limit keeps off-topic rambling to a minimum.

We recommend creating a calendar for your team to organize huddles. Our personal favorite is Google Calendar, since it's free, easy to use, and allows you to send and view invitations.

Once choosing a schedule that works for your workers, make a conscious effort to implement the practice with consistency. If you need to adjust the schedule (disruptions are unavoidable), make sure everyone can accommodate the change and be sure not to skip a day if possible.

2. Get everyone together

Encourage group collaboration. An important part of huddles is making sure all members have a say in the discussion. If you work with a distributed team, consider implementing a daily huddle via video link, email, or another digital platform.

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3. Start the huddle on the right foot

When beginning the huddle, remind everyone of the purpose. We've found the best results when addressing the agenda right at the beginning.

For example: "For today's huddle, we're going to go around the circle. Everyone should describe 1) a win they had yesterday, and 2) something they plan to work on today."

4. Pick a single focus for your team

If you work in sales, you know that having daily goals is a great way to keep everyone on track. Daily Huddles are a perfect time to share these goals with your entire team.

For example: "Today's focus will be on accessory sales. The person that gets the most accessory sales by the end of the day will get lunch on me!"

5. End on a positive note

After everyone has had a chance to contribute, ending the huddle on an optimistic note helps boost team morale. We recommend shouting out 1-2 of your team members on recent accomplishments or something similar. Doing so helps these employees feel valued and this sets a good example for other team members.


Daily Huddles are group conversations you have with your team once a day to help cultivate a productive, successful, and constructive team dynamic. We've even got proven results - not long after implementing Daily Huddles and Arcade into their workplace, Cricket Wireless saw a 10% increase in sales performance.

At Arcade, we're all about making your teams perform at their very best, all the time. Daily Huddles are just one of our many methods to help develop a positive workplace culture.

Want to see how it all works? Click here to request a demo.

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