Motivate your team to maximize performance.

Fuel sales and employee growth through incentives and games - so you can increase your revenue, retain your team and strengthen culture.

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Boost in sales


Increase in productivity


Reduce in turnover

"Since deploying Arcade, we’ve been able to save 10% on the cost of managing our previous reward system and our overall value-add sales has increased 25%. Sales revenue has also been more consistent due to a noticeable lift in the baseline level of our customer experience scores."

Tye Stahly

Head of Store Operations, PCS Partners

How it works

Easily maximize team building and employee performance with gamification.


Integrate your data and establish goals to knock out company objectives.


Avg. increase in win rates


Incentivize and reward your sales reps across multiple locations with team building games that elevate employee performance.


Avg. reduction in sales cycle length


Access data and insights that enhance team building. Take advantage of performance management and feedback reporting to drive decisions.


Avg. reduction in ramp time

Arcade Helps You

Boost engagement

 Increase productivity

Accelerate revenue growth

Pave your path to victory with gamification

Win the day by leveling up employee engagement through fun, goal-driven games

Incentives that drive excitement

Recognize and reward your team with hundreds of reward choices - keeping their heads in the game and driving performance

Energize with engagement

Unify your team with the key of connection, communication, and collaboration

Measure results to scale your success

Keep your finger on the pulse of performance. Track engagement and outputs with insights built to accelerate your revenue growth

Companies maximizing sales productivity with Arcade

Connect to where work happens

Powerful integrations that fuel employee engagement

Turn work into play
with Arcade

See how 10,000+ teams are using gamification to increase employee performance and earnings!

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