An Employee Incentive Platform That Isn't Just for Sales

Streamline communication, increase engagement and retention, improve customer service, and boost sales. Motivate employees to hit their KPIs with rewards they actually want.

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Robust integrations

Connected to all the tools you love

Bring activity data from your systems to Arcade so you can see which activities move the needle.

Gamified incentives that improve performance

When your team hits critical KPIs like new box and accessory sales, service plans, and customers served, it improves your bottom line. But getting everyone to meet these requirements can be a struggle. Traditional incentive programs reward rockstars but fail to motivate everyone else.

Arcade's employee engagement and gamification platform allow you to:

  • Gamified incentives - boost store sales by 20%
  • Streamline communication -  increase store productivity by 21%
  • Recognize employees - reduce store turnover by 40%

Better communication and team culture

In a high-pressure sales and service organization, communication and team morale often come in second place to profits. But they're also what drives employees to succeed.

Arcade’s newsfeed and chat make it easy to communicate and celebrate achievements across all teams and stores. These features allow employees and leaders to congratulate each other for hitting goals, send direct messages, and cultivate friendly competition.

Since deploying Arcade, we’ve been able to save 10% on the cost of managing our previous reward system and our overall value-add sales has increased 25%. Sales revenue has also been more consistent due to a noticeable lift in the baseline level of our customer experience scores.

Tye Stahly
Head of Store Operations, PCS Partners

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