A mutually beneficial way to boost employee engagement

From performance management of hybrid work environments and distributed teams, to cultivating successful employee performance - you can transform your organization into a motivated, collaborative, well-oiled machine. Arcade’s mobile and desktop platforms let you harness the power of gamification at work to encourage and inspire your team to do their best every day. 

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What is Gamification ?

It gives your employees incentives to go above and beyond. You’ll be able to see their progress on a daily basis and give them the opportunity to earn valuable rewards based on their performance - constantly scaling a team or rockstars.

When you gamify employee performance engagement using our solution, your team will put in the maximum effort through fun and games. The recognition they receive helps boost their job satisfaction, creating a more positive workplace and making it easier to retain your best and brightest. Taking advantage of our gamification creates inspiration for your employees at work and motivates them to deliver the best experience for your customers.

It's time for the workplace to catch up

With the accelerated transition to a tech-savvy workplace, companies have had to reevaluate how they think and inspire team building, employee engagement, and recognition for achieving business goals.

Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion in lost productivity per year.

The stats say it all: underperforming teams, disconnected employees, and lack of community are costing you money- but, our enhanced gamification solution solves these problems.

The proof is in the performance

Arcade’s gamification solution integrates with the tools you are already using, making it easier to hit your sales goals and engage with employees.

With thoughtful communication, enhanced gamification, detailed insights, and various ways to recognize employee performance- our platform not only addresses the new challenges posed by remote and hybrid work environments, but remedies them by cultivating team motivation, effective performance, and healthy camaraderie.

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