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Motivate Sales Productivity

Arcade helps leaders in retail sales engage all sales people every day.


Incentivize Add-On Sales

Motivate your team to make the most of every sale by selling more add-on products that improve the outcome of every customer interaction.

Incentivize Bundle Sales

Reward your team for bundling products that create more value for the customer and increase the average amount of every transaction.

Move the Middle

Tier teams & incentivize mid-performers with incentives that give everyone a chance to win something, keeping them engaged for longer.

Increase awareness of incentives

Newsfeed posts:

Share communications about your incentives through the newsfeed and push to all the channels that your team use for communication.

Push out to communications channels:

Keep your team engaged by selecting the channels or group chats that you’d like incentive updates to sync with.

Ramp New Hires Faster

Incentivize New Hires to Hit Goals Sooner

Motivate new reps to ramp as fast as possible by setting milestone rewards for new salespeople that hit sales targets within their first 90-days

Motivate with More Visibility on New Hire Progress

Reward new reps that meet their first 90-day milestones with visual progress updates that your entire team can celebrate together.

Improve Employee Retention

Peer Recognition Increases Engagement

Motivate your team to recognize each other as they share best practices and support each other to level up with recognition stars and team based incentives.

More Ways to Win for Reps Increases Satisfaction

Get your salespeople pumped up with instant payouts the moment they hit their sales goals, making they feel recognized and valued every day.

Team Incentives Increase Spreading of Best Practices

Watch your team start sharing their personal best practices and hot tips amongst each other to level up sales performance with team incentives.

Save on

Automate Incentive Tracking

Integrate with your sales tools and never worry about tracking sales incentives manually again

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Streamline Incentive Payout

Your team can cash in for rewards at any time for anything they choose, delivered as digital codes they can use in store or online instantly.

Harness healthy competition with competitive incentives or run traditional spfifs with recuring rewards as reps hit goals or sell specific products.

Never miss a beat - access reporting of every incentive paid out and reward redeemed for your internal records.

How rewards work - All reward credits are pre-paid, never expire and are equivalent to a dollar for a dollar - no hidden fees.

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Increase Awareness with Communication Sync

Provide your team with engaging daily and live action updates as incentives progress without doing anything!

Easy Access

Connect to your communication channel.

Keep it simple for your team, with a seamless SSO experience on compatible communication platforms - no passwords needed.

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