Connect, close, and celebrate with enhanced gamification

Motivate your sales teams, boost employee engagement, and enhance revenue performance with team games and incentives that drive results.

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52% activity increase month over month

Performance management built to boost productivity


Transform your floor team into an engaged, fun, and successful community.

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Boost sales and service numbers with gamification.

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Get visibility, control, and insights that drive scalable results.

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How it works

Easily maximize team building and employee performance with gamification.


Integrate your data and establish goals to knock out company objectives.


Avg. increase in win rates



Incentivize and reward your sales reps across multiple locations with team building games that elevate employee performance.


Avg. reduction in sales cycle length



Access data and insights that enhance team building. Take advantage of performance management and feedback reporting to drive decisions.


Avg. reduction in ramp time

Connect and set goals with team games

Integrate your data with the systems and tools you use to set goals that drive results.


Gamified incentives that drive employee performance

Design and select team building games that work best for your company, and watch your revenue skyrocket.

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Amplify your ROI possibilities with our checklist, 9 Ways Gamification Can Drive ROI for Your Company

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Rewards that level up employee performance

Easily reward reps in 3 easy steps:

1. Set your budget
Set your rep reward budget to create a prize pool.

2.  Distribute tokens
Set bounties, goals, games, and more to acknowledge employee performance.

3. Cash out
Employees instantly trade tokens for rewards.

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Collaboration that builds team culture

Connect, collaborate, and build team culture with Arcade's social community. Streamlined communication makes closing deals easy and rewarding.

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Data & Reporting

Deep dive into raw data to analyze team, or individual performance against goals with intelligent insights on game summaries, dynamic views into timelines, measurable metrics, and investment cost and results.

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Connect to where work happens

Powerful integrations that fuel employee engagement

One central team building solution that simplifies sales success, incentivizes performance, and builds a collaborative work environment.

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Our customers love us

We're passionate about your success. Hear it from our players.

“Arcade made it easy to incentivize our KPIs. Our folks love the way they can compete for prizes, share success stories and stay connected.”

Jim P, Jr.
CEO, PCS Partners

“Arcade has helped us build a better sales culture, influenced behaviors, and improve results across our company. ”

Patrick B.
President, Long & Foster

“We have really enjoyed Arcade and how it has made our team more interactive with each other”

Andrey N.
Customer Review

“Our Store Loves Arcade!”

Samantha T.

“They [the reps] have more fun with these rewards. It gives them something to look forward to.”

Chris W.
President, Digital Strike

“The number one benefit with Arcade has been that we can get recognition out in a timely manner. Especially peer recognition.”

Shandie F.
Manager of Operations, ASAP Movers

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