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Run turn-key gamified incentives that motivate your frontline salespeople to sell more.

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Increase sales team engagement & productivity

Motivate your reps to win more at work, with dynamic contests around pipeline driving activities, instant prize payouts, peer recognition and team incentives.

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Save time and headaches tracking incentives

No more messy spreadsheets, boring leaderboards and manual updates. Everything is automatic; score-keeping, visual updates to your team and prize payouts. We got it all taken care of.

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Create visibility into team performance

Send real-time contest and spiff updates into your chosen communication channels to maximize awareness and engagement from your salespeople.

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What to Expect

Arcade syncs with your communication tools like Slack, so it stays simple and seamless for your employees to get involved.

Here’s the steps to getting started

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Sign up

Jump into your account, it’s free and all you need is a credit card to get started. Add Arcade to your slack so your team gets live updates. You can choose to start with no integration or add your CRM at any time at no extra cost.


Higher Rep Engagement with Sales Incentives

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Pick your focus

What metrics do you want to see improved? Set your goals and budget, and follow the easy steps to set up your first incentive. It takes less than a minute. Don’t know your goals or budget - no worries our team can help you out!


Increased Sales Performance

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Get your Game On!

Invite your team to join in the fun. They’ll start getting updates to the contests they’re in and recognition as they compete to win. Winners will be paid out instantly and have access to redeem prizes.

5x ROI

on Sales Spiffs Investment

Connect and set goals with team games

Integrate your data with the systems and tools you use to set goals that drive results.

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Companies maximizing sales productivity with Arcade

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Gamified incentives that drive employee performance

Design and select team building games that work best for your company, and watch your revenue skyrocket.

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Get your team excited to push for more

Drive your team's performance with healthy competition and recognition incentives. Choose from a variety of incentive structures, including competitive modes, personal challenges, and spiffs, designed to keep reps focused, productive, and engaged in a fun and rewarding way.

“Arcade has helped us build a better sales culture, influenced behaviors, and improve results across our company. ” - Patrick Bain, President & Chief Executive Officer of The Long & Foster Companies
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Create more visibility in a rewarding way

Motivate your sales team with visually engaging notifications into their performance that update in real-time as they compete for prizes, recognition, and bragging rights. Every rep will see their name in lights as scores update, bringing incentives and spiffs to the forefront of the competition.

"At the end of the day, it's all about numbers- but I wanted something more that could help keep building the culture the way that we want. Arcade helped everyone buy in, and helped build that culture we wanted." - Ryan Ruehle, eXp Realty Team Leader
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Keep your team happy, never miss a payout again!

Reward your employees with prize money tied to contests and achievements that they can cash out for any prize they want, at any time they want, fulfilled instantly. Prizes include cash awards and are delivered as digital codes to your employees in real time

"I love that I can reward employees right away. Immediate gratification goes a long way. No more waiting for commission or payroll to come around.” - Chris G, Mid Market Manager, G2 Crowd Reviews
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Retain your reps by leveling them up

Description: Help your reps succeed by setting long term objectives for them to work towards that not only help them personally win, but also level up professionally. VIsualize rep performance stats and how they rank against coworkers and see how well they collaborate with their coworkers as they earn peer recognition.

“I have one employee that was struggling at first, however she got a taste for tokens and is now killing it. Probably one of the fastest people to ever catch on to our sales process.”.” - Jonathan Bergman, CEO at Hire Well Now
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Connect to where work happens

Powerful integrations that fuel employee engagement

One central team building solution that simplifies sales success, incentivizes performance, and builds a collaborative work environment.

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Turn work into play
with Arcade

See how 2,000+ teams are using gamification to increase employee performance and earnings!

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