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Our team helps you manage your Arcade so that you get the most engagement out of every sales incentive.

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Arcade allows you to set special permissions, wallets, visibility and budgets to fit any organizational structure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our product and billing.

What is a custom metric, and how is that different to a default metric?

Each integration comes with a list of default metrics that are already predefined and packaged when you connect. Sometimes you have customized objects within your CRM that you want Arcade to sync with, and those are considered custom metrics. Setting up a new custom metric usually takes about 24 hours.

Is there support provided by the Arcade team or is it all on me?

We got you. To help you get off to the best start, we will meet with you and ensure you’re set up for success and each of your employees has everything they need. We’ll also be available for chat support at any time, and assist your team if they require help setting up an integration or custom metric.