Gamified Sales Incentives

Run sales contests that get your team pumped up!

Excite your reps to sell more with contests and spiffs that are engaging & relevant. Stop trying to do it on your own- we got you!

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Engaging thousands of salespeople across

Save time with turnkey sales incentives

Help your team sell more, by freeing up your time running sales contests with ready-made contest templates that run on autopilot for you including the payouts!

Experience the excitement of your reps

Watch your team get excited with visually exciting contest updates as they work and instant rewards when they win!

See ROI on every dollar spent towards spiffs

Make sales contests and spiffs more profitable and successful by measuring the impact of every dollar invested

Built to engage frontline salespeople across all sales teams

Going beyond the basic sales game, start engaging employees on every team and vertical.

SDRs & AEs

Increase pipeline driving activities such as prospects added, conversations held, demos set, opportunities created and deals closed.

Field Reps

Maximize sales volume, productivity and sales conversion on every qualified opportunity.

Retail Sales

Improve profitability by incentivizing sales of high-margin products, bundles and add-on services with every transaction.

For sales managers that want to maximize team performance

Use data to create compelling, real-time challenges and contests to drive recognition, encourage healthy competition, and improve revenue team performance.

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Quickly launch engaging sales contests

Kick-off sales contests to drive towards any custom sales metrics from your chosen integration.

Keep your reps aligned with important metrics

Launch games and contests that work best for your teams and employees. Set custom incentives that drive revenue growth. With Arcade, you have access to unlimited benchmarks and custom objects - it's easy to gamify your data.

Track performance on real-time leaderboards

Teams, employees and managers keep tabs on business performance with easily accessible leaderboards.

Stream leaderboards in Slack

Celebrate anything (peer-to-peer or manager-to-peer) from client victories, deals, contests, and individual objectives in real-time, directly within Slack, or Arcade.

Bring engagement and visibility to everyone

Readily available reporting helps cultivate a culture of motivation and responsibility. Tracking is simple with Salesforce gamification tools like leaderboards and personal metrics dashboards.

Empower your team with rewards they want

From memorable experiences, to company lunches, or vacation days - the freedom of choice is the ultimate reward.

Help your reps level up their sales

Easily tap into the motivations and goals of each rep by giving them the power of choice, communication and growth opportunities. Not to mention the ability to show off their personality on their My Profile page.


Ready to supercharge your sales team?

It’s free to get started and easy to start incentivizing your reps to level up.

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Make your life easier, integrate to auto track your sales incentives

Connect with your sales stack to keep your reps focused and engaged with a seamless experience.

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