Keep their heads in the game with our employee recognition solution

Keep morale high and turnover low. Arcade instantly incentivizes motivation and rewards proactive employee performance.

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Reward your team with the freedom of choice and watch employee performance skyrocket

Drive employee performance with six proprietary team game types designed to motivate, engage, and align your team with result-driven goals.

  • Stop making trips to the store for gift cards
  • Instant card delivery
  • Visa cards, travel partners, restaurants, and more
  • Memorable experience as rewards and incentives
Work hard. Play harder.

How it works

Arcade uses an enticing, simple, and visual reward structure designed to propel employee performance while tracking success along the way. Our employee recognition platform gives your team the opportunity to earn enticing and valuable rewards for their hard work and dedication. This reward and recognition platform celebrates achievements large and small, keeping everyone’s heads in the game and working together.

Start with
your budget

Move your employee rewards budget into Arcade’s employee reward platform to create aprize pool.

Easily distribute

Set bounties, goals, games, etc. Distribute tokens to reward high performers and good behavior.


Employees trade tokens for rewards, instantly.

Free E-book

Nurture a team of top performers with our e-book, Motivating Performance: How to effectively use employee rewards programs to optimize your teams success.

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The perfect prize for non-monetary incentives. Chests are filled with surprise rewards of your choosing-for those top performers who keep crushing it!

Rewards and prizes your team actually want

With Arcade, reward possibilities are limitless. From memorable experiences, to company lunches, or vacation days - the freedom of choice is the ultimate reward.

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Build a culture focused on recognition

Recognize employee performance intrinsically with Recognition Stars. Each team player can award a peer one star weekly. This peer recognition platform enables your employees  to build each other up and push each other to do their best every day.    

At Arcade, we give you the tools for creative employee recognition that aligns with your company’s internal culture - creating a positive and motivating work environment.. Instantly notice an improvement to team engagement and retention when you have the best employee recognition solution working for you while  easily providing insights on how you are making an impact.

  • Foster encouragement and a celebratory culture
  • Customize Recognition Stars based on your team
  • Track who's been recognized, how often, and more

Turn work into play
with Arcade

See how 10,000+ teams are using gamification to increase employee performance and earnings!

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