Bring retail to Arcade

Discover and play your way to retail sales success with our revenue-focused, team building games. Arcade is a fun performance management platform that helps salespeople win, and their companies grow.

Connect to where work happens

Surpass your sales and revenue goals while boosting employee performance with Arcade's retail integrations.

Your competition's best kept secret

Enhanced gamification transforms every day sales responsibilities into fun, engaging team building games. Let Arcade be your sales teams' secret weapon to level up KPIs and optimize employee engagement.

Optimize employee performance
Motivate teams
Crush sales goals
Reward success

Smarter Selling.

Leverage Arcade to create a happier salesforce that carries that attitude into customer interactions.

Friendly competition

With leaderboards, reps can track their employee performance from the convenience of their smartphone.


Micro-incentives promote successful and positive performance behavior. From new box sales and accessories, to service plans or filling out customer surveys.

Transparency that transforms

View sales and individual standings in real-time with live leaderboards. Keep your finger on the pulse of all things employee performance with a little help from some friendly competition.

“You need your team and the employees to buy in for it to be successful, and they’ve bought into Arcade. It was exactly what we wanted.”- Candace Ping, with Maximum Mobility

Communication, connection and culture

Leverage Arcade's chat and social features to promote instant collaboration, connection, and team building across all stores and departments.

Collaboration that
enhances culture

The heart of Arcade lies in our newsfeed feature - built to encourage friendly competition, camaraderie, and a collaborative team culture.

Easy engagement

Store employees may only have smartphones to communicate—and that’s all they need with Arcade.

Motivate across multiple

Employees from different stores  or departments connect via the app - making it easy to ask about inventory, service availability or to give virtual recognition.

Celebrate your people
and they’ll celebrate you

Give your performers the gift of choice. With Arcade they can choose from a huge bank of gift cards, getaways, and more.

A culture of recognition

With Arcade, employees can recognize their colleagues- strengthening team building, boosting employee engagement, and skyrocketing sales performance.

Redeemable rewards

Employees respond to incentives, knowing their hard work directly benefits them. Seamlessly deliver the rewards they want while simultaneously enhancing employee engagement.

Incentives at every turn

Rewards can be tied to team games and activities, or simply awarded by a manager for a job well done.

"Arcade helps our leadership team show them how to grow with the team and still support our culture without them feeling that we are challenging their ability to sell and succeed.”- Karen Reifert, SVP of Field Operations & Business Development, Long & Foster Real Estate

Insights that accelerate growth

Harness your data to level up store efficiency that surpasses the goal, every time.

Free E-book

Enhance retail sales and power up employee enagagement with our e-book, The Arcade Performance Engagement Platform

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The most successful companies
gamify with Arcade

“Arcade is very engaging for retail employees. It’s fun, interactive and makes it easy for employees to be recognized and rewarded for extra effort. We’ve seen outstanding results and lifted productivity in our stores. Looking at the time alone that it saves us, it’s paid for itself.”

Our customers love us

We're passionate about your success. Hear
it from our players.

“Arcade made it easy to incentivize our KPIs. Our folks love the way they can compete for prizes, share success stories and stay connected.”

Jim P, Jr.
CEO, PCS Partners

“Arcade has helped us build a better sales culture, influenced behaviors, and improve results across our company. ”

Patrick B.
President, Long & Foster

“We have really enjoyed Arcade and how it has made our team more interactive with each other”

Andrey N.
Customer Review

“Our Store Loves Arcade!”

Samantha T.

“They [the reps] have more fun with these rewards. It gives them something to look forward to.”

Chris W.
President, Digital Strike

“The number one benefit with Arcade has been that we can get recognition out in a timely manner. Especially peer recognition.”

Shandie F.
Manager of Operations, ASAP Movers

Companies maximizing sales productivity with Arcade

Turn work into play
with Arcade

See how 10,000+ teams are using gamification to increase employee performance and earnings!

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