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How this moving team grew company involvement in social media to boost reach by 20x.

ASAP Movers discovered that Arcade is about more than just sales games when social media presence doubled.

San Luis Obispo
Moving Services
Results with Arcade:

“Are guys showing up and having a good attitude? Are they being safe drivers? The more bought-in they are to the company, all of this falls into line. We can train it, preach it, talk about it, but it doesn’t happen until they’ve bought into our core values. We found that buy-in through recognizing those positive behaviors. No one wants to be preached at. Most people want to feel like they’re making a difference at work and that they’re valued, more than just getting paid. We love that Arcade is working with us and helping us grow.”

Key Stats:
Increase in Social Engagement
Savings on Sales Incentives

Customer Story

Family-owned ASAP Movers in San Luis Obispo, California serves their customers with moving operations of every size, from a single college dorm room a few towns away to a full mansion's belongings across the country.

Their 40-strong workforce is managed by Shandie Fox, who handles many aspects of management, logistics, and HR; and her brother, Kasey Fox, company owner. Kasey has always championed the importance of building positive employee culture as the foundation for overall company success.

The Challenge

Culture-building is difficult across state lines.

ASAP performs interstate moves, so it’s rare for all 40 employees to gather at once, making traditional recognition a struggle. “It was a lot of tallying up points on a white board in the break room. And when we got busy, it just didn’t happen,” says Shandie. Often, by the time crews got back to HQ to physically check the board, it was out of date.

Shandie researched motivations within the company and found that money wasn’t as big a factor as she’d expected. “Across the board, the answer was, ‘I like being the best, number one.’” The natural team competitiveness is a major energy source.

The Solution

Software was the clear answer.

Shandie shopped around for apps that could update recognition in real time, but ran into a problem. “Nearly all recognition software is geared toward sales numbers. We had to find one we could adapt to behaviors and have a team who would be willing to work with us on it.” ASAP’s movers are not salesmen. Their success isn’t driven by conversions on-site, but by excellent customer service, so encouraging good behavioral patterns is essential.

The Impact

Shaping a Solution

From the beginning, Arcade has always been about more than just sales. Our goal is to help people of every field find motivation and happiness at work. We even use Arcade internally with our IT development team. We worked with Shandie and ASAP to set up their Arcade platform to reinforce good customer service habits.

Fighting Turnover with Fun

Turnover is an expensive problem within the greater moving industry, and Kasey has always striven to reduce it with a strong, supportive company culture. Recognition is a key element of that culture, and Arcade has provided a fun avenue for employees to recognize and digitally high-five each other. When one mover is awarded within Arcade, the whole team sees it instantly and comments within the app— often from several states away. This welds the company together while encouraging that competitive spirit within the team and between individual crews.

The Results

Genuine, Arcade-driven social media content has strengthened ASAP’s online presence.

ASAP needed realistic, interesting photographs for their social media channels, and decided to gamify the effort, awarding tokens to any employee who submitted photos of interesting items moved or landmarks seen on their travels. The result was explosive, fueling a unique, viral voice for ASAP’s social outlets and doubling their audience engagement. “A lot of our guys have photo skills we didn’t even know they had, and now they have a place to be recognized for it.” This pragmatic team of moving men found an avenue for a creative contribution— and it benefited the whole company. Since launching this campaign in Arcade, we’ve substantially increased the amount of photo shares from our team and been able to use this to literally double our company’s online social engagement and marketing impact.

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