Level up employee engagement with enhanced gamification

Transform your data and KPIs into team building games designed to motivate employee engagement across your organization.

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Win big - gamify every team and task

The secret weapon to crush the competition is Arcade. Push employee performance into hyper speed on every team and vertical.

Account Executives


Sales Associates

Make the team game your goal

Easily spin up a game or contest to influence any sales metric, behavior, or KPI. Launch campaigns in minutes and instantly engage SDRs, BDRs, Account Executives, Customer Service teams, and more.

Build team games that turn every day into a win

Create team games that drive employee performance and success with data-rich experiences. Enhance OKRs with races, marathons, tournaments, and more.

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Gamification has emerged as a powerful way to motivate performance and incentivize employees to do their best.

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Team games that close deals

Hyper launch employee engagement with five proprietary game types designed to motivate, engage, and drive results.

Game Modes

Drive alignment and healthy competition

Unify and engage your team performance to crush sales targets. Foster connection and collaboration by creating healthy competition in team games to see true cross-functionality come to life.

Single Player

Focus on an individuals performance
in a game.


Players compete against each other to win.

Team vs. Team

Put your teams toe to toe with team building and friendly competition.
User profiles

Custom player profiles to showcase recognition and achievements

Give each sales rep a custom player profile to be proud of. Establishing gamer profiles builds reputation, pride, and employee engagement amongst peers.

Turn work into play
with Arcade

See how 10,000+ teams are using gamification to increase employee performance and earnings!

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