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Arcade for Sales & Ops Leaders

If you’re a leader in sales or operations, Arcade will help you take your team to the next level

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For Sales Leaders

Incentivize Prospecting

Motivate the fastest reps to hit their opportunities goal with races for the first half of every month that reward the team for front loading their pipeline instead of waiting until crunch time

Reward the reps that meet their prospecting goal earlySet a bounty for your team each week to hit their prospecting goal a day early, freeing up 20% of their time for more sales activity.

Create healthy competition for cold callsMake cold calls a rewarding task for your team each day by running tournaments for the reps that get the most conversations each day - giving you more coachable moments.

Increase Pipeline Velocity

Motivate reps to hit deal stagesSet rewards for your team to move deals through the pipeline so that they stay focused on deal velocity and pipeline hygene.

Rewards deals that close early in the monthImprove your forecasting confidence by motivating your team to work hard on closing business early in the month instead of last minute.

Improve Team Engagement

Motivate your team to recognize each other as they share best practices and support each other to level up with recognition stars and team based incentives.

Improve retention by creating a healthy AE & SDR comradere and overall sales culture by empowering your AEs to reward & recognize SDRs as they create great opportunities.

For Ops Leaders

Save Time

Integrated with your sales stack:
Integrate with your sales tools and never worry about tracking sales incentives manually again

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Instant Payouts:
Your team can cash in for rewards at any time for anything they choose, delivered as digital codes they can use in store or online instantly.

Harness healthy competition with competitive incentives or run traditional spfifs with recuring rewards as reps hit goals or sell specific products.

Never miss a beat - access reporting of every incentive paid out and reward redeemed for your internal records.

How rewards work - All reward credits are pre-paid, never expire and are equivalent to a dollar for a dollar - no hidden fees.

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Increase Awareness with communication sync

Game Notfications: Provide your team with  engaging daily and live action updates as incentives progress without doing anything!

Salesforce Dashboard: Add Arcade as a tab to your Salesforce so that reps can always see their progress to payout at all times.

Easy Access - SSO from Slack

Connect to any Slack channel& GroupMe group.

Keep it simple for your team, with a seamless SSO experience between Slack & Arcade - no passwords needed.

Automatically syn your employees as accounts are added to Salesforce or Slack - Arcade keeps access levels up without any double-handling.

Turn work into play
with Arcade

See how 2,000+ teams are using gamification to increase employee performance and earnings!

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