Guide to Games

Drive employee performance with six proprietary team game types designed to motivate, engage, and align your team with result-driven goals.


What are tokens?

You can earn recognition Stars and Tokens that you can spend for prizes in the reward store.

Tokens are used to purchase prizes in the Rewards section under Shop. There are dozens of top brands to choose from - once you've purchased a reward, you'll instantly receive a digital gift-card code.

1 Token = 1 cent, so 100 tokens = $1

Tokens are purchased by your organization via the Token Manage page.

What are chests?

By winning Chests you get a random chance to win prizes like tokens, badges and jackpots (lots of tokens!). Open chests from the Rewards Activity page.

How do players win tokens and chests?

Recognizing Your Teammates

Recognize your coworkers with a recognition star to say thanks if they've helped you out. You only have one star per week to award, so make sure to award it before it expires.

Hit Your Goals

Head to the 'Metrics' section to see your performance. Your scores will be updated automatically. Tap the progress bar to see the daily goal and reward. Achieve daily goals to win extra Chests.

Play Games

Play Arcade Games can be found in the 'Games' section! Each game will have a reward attached. Once a Game is finished, a Leader will approve the results. Winning will earn you more tokens!

Last Updated:
September 21, 2022