Key Features

Arcade 1.0 is the best product for companies to drive employee engagement and truly helps make work fun through games, peer-recognition, and rewards. With our new Slack integration, Arcade makes it easy to recognize someone for a job well done directly in Slack, and while on the go through Slack’s mobile app.

Here are just some of the new features now available with Arcade 1.0.


  • Find anyone in your organization using the new player directory and view their profile, bio, contact information, recognition stars and badges.
  • Let someone know you appreciate them by awarding them tokens from your personal token balance.
  • See what games you are participating in, how to win and check your progress against other players from the new Game Center.
  • See what stars you have been awarded, what tokens you earned and how you have spent your tokens from the Activity History.
  • Redeem your tokens for prizes in the new Reward Shop with dozens of gifts to choose from.

Slack Integration

  • Save time by logging into Arcade using your Slack credentials.
  • Know how to win by viewing your active games directly from Arcade's Slack home page.
  • Recognize and award peers directly with the Slack app by giving tokens or stars.
  • Arcade for Slack works with Slack for Windows PC, Mac PC, Android, iOS mobile and web browsers.


  • Players: Invite new players, edit player profiles, assign players to teams, view player metrics and send rewards from the Manage players page.
  • The player’s dashboard shows key metrics about each player.
  • Recognize employees for a job well done by awarding them tokens or chests from your company balance.
  • Simplified permissions model with standard roles for champions, managers, and players.
  • Metrics: Define player metrics such as Sales Made, or Contracts Signs. Metrics defined in the manage metrics pages are used to power games and determine how players win games.
  • Teams: Create and edit teams from the Manage team's pages.
  • Activities: View players' activities and make manual adjustments to activities if needed from the Manage activities pages.
  • Reward: Control which rewards are shown in the Rewards Shop by enabling or disabling specific rewards. Don’t want your employees to purchase a gift card from a competitor, no problem. Just disable the reward.
  • Games: Create new games, clone existing games, track game progress and view game results from the Manage Games pages.
  • Managers can create games using the new game wizard.
  • The new Raffle Jackpot prize awards players chests with a chance for a single player to win a jackpot of tokens.
  • View key insights on every game including game results, game performance metrics, player leaderboard and game activity events.
  • New game escrow for race and tournament games ensures winning chests are fully funded when the game is created.
  • Verify games before prizes are awarded and make any manual changes needed by directly editing scores shown on the leaderboard.
  • Transactions: View all Arcade transactions including tokens purchases and spent. Download CSV reports to create custom reports in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.
  • Settings: New settings page allows champions to set their entities time zone, configure data connectors and install the Arcade app for Slack.

Last Updated:
September 18, 2022