Weekly Superstar Game

To be in the running for the Weekly Superstar award, you must have received a Recognition Star from a teammate at some point during the week. Everyone who is awarded a Recognition Star during the week will be eligible for the Weekly Superstar Award. Arcade runs on a Monday - Sunday cycle based on the time zone set by your admin.

Arcade selects a Weekly Superstar Winner at random from the list of people who received a star that week.

Understanding Chest Rewards

When creating a game, you have the option to choose two reward types, tokens, and chests. The following describes how to reward chests, and how chests work.

Fixed reward per player

For each winner, you place a prize into the chest for the winner to open.


Enter the number of tokens that each winner receives. When the winner opens the chest, the tokens inside the chest will be transferred from the holding account to the winner’s account.

The total number of tokens will be deducted from your company account when the game is saved. If tokens are not awarded to anyone, the tokens will be returned to the company balance at the end of game.

Raffle Jackpot

Raffle Jackpot allows you to award a single person a chest with a jackpot of tokens. Winners of the game are awarded one or more chests. The more chests a person is awarded, the higher the chance they have of winning the jackpot.

Jackpot amount

Number of tokens to award the player who opens the winning chest

Number of winners

Number of players who are awarded chests

Number of chests to award

Number of chests the top players receive. The more chests a player receive, the higher the chance they have of winning the jackpot. Each player can receive up to 10 chests.

If at least one player achieves he target, one of the winning chests is guaranteed to contain the jackpot of tokens.

If no one wins the game, the jackpot tokens will automatically be returned to the company account balance.

Last Updated:
September 21, 2022