Crush your sales goals with Salesforce-powered gamification.

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Inside sales gamification 

Discover and play your way to sales success with our revenue-focused, team building games. Arcade is a fun performance management platform that helps salespeople win, and their companies grow.

Connect to where work happens

Align sales goals, employee performance, and incentives with seamless real-time integrations.

Your competition's best kept secret

Enhanced gamification transforms everyday sales responsibilities into fun, engaging team building games. Let Arcade be your sales teams' secret weapon to level up KPIs and optimize employee engagement.

Inside sales gamification gives your team the friendly competition they need to push each other to be their best. Our sales gamification tools make it easy for everyone to see where they stand on the leaderboard and communicate with each other so they can stay engaged and motivated each day. When used as the foundation of your organization’s sales contests for inside sales, Arcade gives you what you need to succeed.

Optimize employee performance
Motivate teams
Crush sales goals
Reward success

Activities that accelerate

Leverage Arcade’s sales team management software to create a happier salesforce that carries that attitude into customer interactions.

Activities that Accelerate

Optimize employee performance by rewarding reps to focus only on activities that boost results and knock out objectives.

Micro-incentives to motivate

Micro-incentives promote positive behaviors and motivate successful employee engagement in anything from call blitzes, to account prospecting.

Transparency that transforms

View sales and individual standings in real-time with live leaderboards. Keep your finger on the pulse of all things employee performance with a little help from some friendly competition.

"At the end of the day, it's all about numbers- but I wanted something more that could help keep building the culture the way that we want. Arcade helped everyone buy in, and helped build that culture we wanted." - Ryan Ruehle, eXp Realty Team Leader

Communication, connection, and culture

Leverage Arcade's chat and social features to promote instant collaboration, connection, and team building across all types of sales teams.

Collaboration that
enhances culture

The heart of Arcade lies in our newsfeed feature - built to encourage friendly competition, camaraderie, and a collaborative team culture.

Easy engagement

It's easy for reps to connect on soon-to-close deals from their smartphone or computer. Speed and simplicity make Arcade's gamification a 1st place winner.

Motivate across
multiple locations

Teams across your organization connect via the app - simplifying collaboration on deal contracts, demo availability, or giving virtual recognition.

Celebrate your people
and they’ll celebrate you

Give your performers the gift of choice. With Arcade, they can choose from a huge bank of gift cards, getaways, and more.

A culture of recognition

With Arcade, employees can recognize their colleagues- strengthening team building, boosting employee engagement, and skyrocketing sales performance.

Redeemable rewards

Sales reps respond to incentives, knowing their hard work directly benefits them. Seamlessly deliver the rewards they want while simultaneously enhancing employee engagement.

Incentives at every turn

Rewards can be tied to team games and activities, or simply awarded by a manager for a job well done.

"I believe there is no other product on the market that comes close to competing with Arcade in engaging, motivating, entertaining, rewarding and driving a sales team to achieve more than they have ever achieved before.” - Mal Wade, Store Manager, Snooze

Insights that accelerate growth

Harness your data to level up sales efficiency that surpasses the goal, every time.

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