Performance Engagement

Use Salesforce data to create compelling, real-time challenges and contests to drive recognition, encourage healthy competition, and improve revenue team performance.

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Empowering sales leaders to make revenue-driving activities rewarding and engaging for distributed teams

Integrates with popular CRM, LMS, POS
Interacts seamlessly with sales reps through chat channels
Gamifies incentives & engagement metrics

The Salesforce performance engagement tool that focuses your teams on the activities and metrics that matter the most

Replicate Top Performers
Reward and recognize all reps to increase revenue driving activities.
Increase Employee Retention
Successful salespeople stay twice as long as their disengaged coworkers.
Improve Company Culture
Align company recognition with quantifiable performance outcomes.

Built for


Account Executives

Customer Success

The Gaming Inspired:
Salesforce Experience

Quick & Easy Contests

Kick-off sales contests to drive towards any Salesforce metrics or goals. Tap into the power of Salesforce gamification.

Built for your Business

Launch games and contests that work best for your teams and employees. Set custom incentives that drive revenue growth. With Arcade, you have access to unlimited benchmarks and Salesforce custom objects - it's easy to gamify your Salesforce data.

Always On Access

Teams, employees and managers keep tabs on business performance with easily accessible leaderboards.

Friendly Camaraderie

With Arcade-powered contests, you can increase sales productivity, boost team effectiveness and enhance employee engagement.

High-Performing Revenue Machine

Celebrate anything (peer-to-peer or manager-to-peer) from client victories, deals, contests, and individual objectives in real-time, directly within Slack, Teams or Arcade.

Transparent Tracking

Readily available reporting helps cultivate a culture of motivation and responsibility. Tracking is simple with Salesforce gamification tools like leaderboards and personal metrics dashboards.

Real-Time Rewards

From memorable experiences, to company lunches, or vacation days - the freedom of choice is the ultimate reward.

Cross-Company Communication

Easily find employees via the Player Directory and post real-time information on game statuses, news and more. Keep everyone in the loop on Slack, Teams or Arcade.

Create An Unbeatable Culture

Easily tap into the motivations and goals of each rep by giving them the power of choice, communication and growth opportunities. Not to mention the ability to show off their personality on their My Profile page.

Companies maximizing sales productivity with Arcade

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