Arcade Launches New Wireless Performance Engagement ROI Calculator

Dave Cherrie
February 24, 2022

Arcade has just released a Performance Engagement Platform ROI calculator for wireless dealers, designed to identify the impact of more engaged and productive store employees.

The ROI calculator is a free, web-based tool that can be accessed by mobile phone or tablet and can be customized to calculate your ROI based on your store performance. With the increasing hurdles that wireless dealers are facing - like employee retention, unmotivated store employees, and the rising demand to hit store sales goals we hope this calculator will help dealers identify the impact that a Performance Engagement Platform like Arcade can provide.

With a Performance Engagement solution, it's easy for dealers and store managers to create a culture that fosters engagement and productivity. A few ways to do this would be to make sure employees have the tools they need to do their job well, provide ample opportunities for feedback, keep morale high with regular celebrations, and provide opportunities for advancement.

Now, let's get into the impact and functionality of the calculator.

The benefits of more productive store employees and gamification

Store employees who use Arcade are on average 20% more productive. With Arcade, it is easy to motivate team building and employee performance with gamification. If store employees are motivated to connect with more customers and sell more products - everyone wins. Wireless retailers get greater revenue while employees are more engaged with their work. Gamification bridges the gap between performance and potential.

By integrating key elements of games into store tasks, your business takes advantage of the natural reward cycle and benefits from motivating employee performance. Giving staff manageable, data-driven targets and goals paired with these targets with rewards such as virtual tokens, treasure chests, or increased game levels — it’s possible to create a self-reinforcing program that naturally drives employee engagement.

Employees level up with virtual rewards and prizes that sustain performance and drive employee engagement. The challenge is creating and deploying a framework that motivates without micromanaging to help ensure staff is supported. Employee gamification offers a way to bridge the gap and maximize team building and performance. At Arcade, we specialize in employee motivation and gamification — game-based software integration that helps your employees feel recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

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The measurements that maximize success

We used five simple data points to uncover your ROI from Performance Engagement:

  • Number of stores you operate
  • Number of employees you have working across all your stores
  • Average monthly accessory sales per employee
  • Average monthly amount of activation sales per employee
  • Anticipated sales lift

Applying the wireless retail national averages and store sales targets, the impact for a wireless dealer that operates 7 stores with 30 employees with $1,800 average monthly accessory sales per employee, $14,400 average monthly activation sales per employee, and an anticipated sales lift of 10% results in....

27X monthly ROI - with the impact from more engaged employees on a monthly basis standing at $18,900 and the total monthly cost coming to $700.

You can take the calculator for a spin here or book a demo with an Arcade Strategic Growth Manager to see firsthand how the Arcade platform works.

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