20 Best Sales Training Resources for 2022

Dave Cherrie
August 24, 2022

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, exceptional salespeople can mean the difference between a quarter in the black and a tough conversation with your team. 

As the economy fights negative growth, achieving sales goals isn’t getting any easier. In fact, 61% of sales employees agree selling is much more difficult today than it was five years ago.

This means making smart decisions on allocating your company’s spend is becoming all the more integral. To help your team stay up-to-date on their skills and strategies, we’ve created a list of the 20 best sales training programs. 

We’ll walk you through free and paid online and in-person options so your business can keep booming in any economy. 

Online sales training options

Only 52 percent of workers feel their companies provide the appropriate amount of training. Given the time and resources that go into hiring employees, it’s worth additional resources to keep them engaged and supported so they excel in their positions. 

Online training is an excellent way to boost your sales team's confidence and skill set, whether it’s their first day or fifth year. Online training programs are flexible and customizable and are offered in self-paced and instructor-led options.

Here are 10 of the best online sales training resources that will take your team from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Free resources

  1. B2B Sales Training

EdApp is a learning management system with sales courses tailored to fit your company’s needs. Catering to the on-the-go lifestyle common in sales, they are a mobile-first option. EdApp offers ten B2B sales courses, covering sales call planning, negotiation, and writing pitches that close deals.

  • Focus: Attracting corporate buyers, building relationships, and selling your products and services.
  1. Sales Prospecting Advanced Techniques Sales Training

This course by Sales Scripter is a YouTube playlist featuring advanced sales prospecting techniques. Its 12 modules help teams build better value propositions, improve communication, and understand the ins and outs of using LinkedIn as a prospecting tool. 

  • Focus: Generating leads, understanding a prospect's pain point, building rapport, and closing deals effectively.
  1. Inbound Sales

This Hubspot course on inbound sales methodology teaches your team to sell with integrity. It’s available in English and Spanish and offers certification. The program contains just over two hours of material divided into five lessons and five quizzes. 

  • Focus: Learning everything from identifying potential prospects, developing personalized presentations, and running calls to drive results.
  1. The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process 

In this Northwestern University  course, your sales team learns the essential tools to help them get a yes. It takes about four months to earn one’s certificate at a suggested pace of three hours per week.

  • Focus: Attracting customers, building a process tool kit, and creating a sales pitch to close the deal.
  1. Introduction to Negotiation: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator

Offered by Yale, this certification course in negotiation is geared toward analyzing conflicts, understanding others’ motivations, and making better persuasive arguments. It’s divided into nine weeks’ worth of lessons, each of varying length.

  • Focus: The art of negotiation, innovation, and game theory. 

Paid resources

Training new employees is integral for building on team members’ incoming abilities, but continuing education also keeps existing employees engaged and motivated. Here are five training courses worth paying for to take your team’s achievements to the next level.

  1. Sales Impact Academy

The Sales Impact Academy boasts more than 30 courses covering topics from prospecting to customer success. On top of that, your sales team gets live training and insights from industry experts such as Elissa Fink, the former CMO of Tableau, and Channing Ferrer, vice president of global sales strategy and operations at HubSpot. 

  • Focus: Live, interactive classes covering customer success tactics, management and leadership development, as well as prospecting and sales skills.
  • Price: Starts at $1,500 per user per year
  1. 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance

Brian Tracy International’s sales training course offers a money-back guarantee for their program, which aims to double your sales in 35 weeks. The course includes videos, action items, and exercises on everything from finding quality leads to fitting your product to your prospect’s needs.

  • Focus: Identifying and influencing customers, handling objections, earning repeat business, and living the lifestyle of a top performer. 
  • Price: $997 
  1. Sales Training Accelerator 

Sales Insight Lab uses data-driven methods to help you get more client pitch meetings and close more deals. Their customized training is geared toward transforming your sales team into lead generators and confident closers in 90 days.

  • Focus: Understanding prospecting, pitch creation, communication, and closing through training and coaching.
  • Price: Book a 45-min strategy session to receive your custom quote
  1. Smart Calling College

Smart Calling College offers a step-by-step how-to training program specifically geared toward phone and in-person sales. This self-paced, 12-module video program also include membership in an online community and access to live monthly webinars. 

  • Focus: Building value with customers, advanced listening, asking effective questions, setting up next steps, and overcoming personal obstacles.
  • Price: $895 for the first attendee, $795 for each additional attendee
  1. B2B Phone Skills Improvement Program

Another great phone training option comes from SalesBuzz, and it offers 63 lessons, step-by-step guides, customizable templates, and live training and support sessions. Each section includes an exam so participants can track their understanding of the material. 

  • Focus: Building cold-call confidence, improving consistency, and quickly expanding reps’ sales skills. 
  • Price: $997/year for one salesperson, $4,997/year for 10 people, custom quotes available for larger groups

In-person sales training

For in-office teams, on-site group trainings are an effective and fun way to learn and bond. Whether you’re looking to bring a trainer to your space or travel together to an off-site location, we’ve got the best picks for in-person trainings to give your reps the tools they need to succeed. Bonus: Many of these programs also offer online or blended-learning options.

  1. Sales Excellence Training

Quality Support Group brings the classroom to your office with 12 hours of lectures and guided exercises. Participants learn through instruction, templates, and role-playing. Coaching and feedback help teach new techniques.

  • Focus: Tips and tactics for every sales step, identifying best practices, and learning to recognize upsell opportunities.
  • Price: Contact for a quote
  1. Fundamental Selling Techniques for the New or Prospective Salesperson

American Management Association uses two days to cover techniques to earn, deliver on, and manage lucrative sales relationships. Your team learns just how integral their sales roles are to the company’s success and why focusing on the customer is a win-win approach. 

  • Focus: Understanding selling models, the sales framework, and prospecting and closing techniques while developing an action plan to implement these lessons.
  • Price: 
  • $2,295.00 non-members
  • $2,095.00 American Management Association members
  • $1,889.00 Government Services Administration contracted rate
  1. Winning with Relationship Selling

Dale Carnegie focuses on relationship building as the foundation for sales in this in-person offering. Participants learn the value of asking effective questions and developing excellent listening skills to establish understanding, credibility, and trust.

  • Focus: Shifting perspective to the client’s world to better understand and solve their problems. 
  • Price: Dependant on location and duration of training 
  1. Onsite Training Experience 

This workshop by Richardson Sales Performance combines brainstorming, role-playing, self-assessment, and peer and facilitator feedback to actively engage your sales team. By offering real-time feedback, participants course correct and develop new skills in the moment. 

  • Focus: Learning by doing to refine sales skills, strengthen relationships, and increase revenue.
  • Price: Contact for a quote
  1.  Basic Sales Training, The Right Ingredients: Selling Fundamentals

Business Training Works hosts a workshop for new sales reps to impart a fundamental understanding of consultative selling and practical tools for the work. Participants find what they love about their product so they can start the conversation to sell it.

  • Focus: Preparation, planning, and persistence through skill development, learning sales models, and perfecting conversation starters.
  • Price: Contact for a quote
  1. BE BOLD Live Training Session

Shore Consulting’s one-day training helps salespeople work through their personal sales barriers, whether cold calling, negotiating, or any other step in the process. The group uses challenges and practice sessions to put video lessons into play. 

  • Focus: Acquiring general sales knowledge and strategies and overcoming personal fears and roadblocks. 
  • Price: Contact for quote
  1. SPIN Selling

This program by Huthwaite International engages sales reps in establishing value and understanding how buying decisions are made. Over the course of just a few days, participants evaluate their personal selling style to capitalize on strengths and overcome weaknesses.

  • Focus: Transferring a skill set from concept to action to maximize ROI as well as learning how to behave to minimize client objections. 
  • Price: Contact for quote
  1. Strategic Social Selling

RSVP Selling puts the lens on buyers in the social marketplace in this two-day (or four half-days) course. This social-media-focused course recognizes that today’s buyers are an empowered group, moves away from seeking buyers toward attracting them, and enables participants to develop their personal brand. 

  • Focus: Creating a strong and trustworthy online presence to accelerate engagement, increase sales, and improve relevance in the marketplace. 
  • Price: $2200 per day for facilitation, $395 per participant for course materials, plus any necessary travel, AV, or venue expenses
  1. Sandler Solutions

This ongoing training by Sandler includes over 20 programs and tools to help your sales reps excel. Sandler has used these methods for over 50 years to help professionals succeed globally.

  • Focus: Making sales, achieving personal growth, and developing leadership skills through communication and changing one’s attitude and behavior.
  • Price: Contact for quote
  1. High Impact Sales Management Training

After three days of training with Sales Readiness Group, your sales managers are ready to build and develop high-performing teams. Before training, you’ll participate in a consultation to tailor course exercises and case studies to your team.

  • Focus: Managers understanding their value and developing skills for effective hiring, sales forecasting, and coaching. 
  • Price: Contact for a quote

Help your team help your company

Investing in sales training for your company leads to confident and engaged reps using relevant and effective techniques, no matter the industry.

With the wide range of courses available and the flexibility to train independently, as a group, and with a facilitator, the right option is available to give your team what they need to boost your company’s bottom line. 

Arcade can motivate your team and improve their ongoing performance with gamified incentives and communication and staff recognition tools. Request a demo to see how Arcade can strengthen your team’s culture and fuel sales to increase your company’s revenue.

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