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Enhance employee engagement, recognition, team building, and culture all in one place. Stay up to date with your newsfeed, and chat to close deals faster.

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Connect with all team members

Build teams no matter their location. Collaborate on- the-go and chat from your mobile device.

Team games: engaged!

Conveniently enhance employee engagement and performance at the speed of work, in real-time.

Communication is key

Chat directly or in group threads to squash objectives, close deals, recognize accomplishments, and team build.

Notifications that
never miss a beat

Team members engage! Stay in-the-know with clickable notifications that keep you updated and active.

Foster an encouraging team mentality and culture

Recognize solid employee performance and behavior with shout-outs and rewards that keep players engaged and motivated.

Connect to where
work happens

Easily integrated into your work channels - creating cohesion for connection, collaboration, community, and culture.

Free e-book

Drive motivation and level up employee engagement using our e-book, Employee Engagement: Building a Team That Wants to Be There

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Become chat champions


Tag individuals or teams to recognize stellar performance or optimize connection.

Post types

Organize posts into
convenient categories.

Rich text editing

Formatting matters. Keep your
communication clear in our
chat platform.

Gifs and stickers

If a picture's worth a thousand words, a gif is worth a million. Team build with shareable content.

Priority notifications

Setting up chat notifications keeps employees engaged and ready for action.

Turn work into play
with Arcade

See how 10,000+ teams are using gamification to increase employee performance and earnings!

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