Why your sales reps are underperforming and how Performance Engagement can help

Dave Cherrie
March 14, 2022

Performance Engagement is a newer way to motivate underperforming sales reps. Performance management has traditionally been based on rewarding employees annually or bi-annually for meeting or exceeding goals. However, this type of reward system often proves to be too little and too late. Performance Engagement provides the opportunity for ongoing recognition, feedback, and coaching that helps your sales reps constantly improve.

What is Performance Engagement?

At the core, Performance Engagement uses gamification, communication, rewards, recognition, and insights to drive positive behaviors and increase retention. It's a system that provides the opportunity for ongoing recognition, feedback, and coaching that helps your sales reps constantly improve their skills. 

Why it works:

Performance Engagement is designed to replace the old ways of running rewards programs which often start to leave employees disengaged and unmotivated. Previous incentive programs only allowed sales reps to receive recognition or rewards once they've met their goal, even if they've been struggling for months leading up to that point. Performance Engagement, on the other hand, is based on daily or weekly goals. This means that sales reps can receive recognition throughout the entire fiscal year.

The benefits of using Performance Engagement to motivate sales reps

When it comes to motivating sales reps, there are a few key benefits to using performance engagement:

  1. It can help motivate sales reps who are underperforming
  2. It helps retain and build an unbeatable culture
  3. It is more effective and less time-consuming than traditional rewards systems
  4. It helps Sales Managers track and coach their reps more effectively. By providing regular feedback and tracking progress over time. It also makes it easy for Sales Managers to identify areas where their reps need improvement and provide the necessary coaching and support.
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How Performance Engagement can help improve sales productivity

While many companies use traditional performance management systems to track and evaluate the work of their sales reps, these methods often fail to produce results. Sales reps can become demotivated when they are not rewarded in a timely manner, or when the rewards are too small. Performance Engagement motivates underperforming sales reps. The opportunity for ongoing recognition, feedback, and coaching helps your sales reps constantly improve their skills.

Performance Engagement can help improve sales productivity in several ways. First, it provides a system of regular recognition and feedback that helps sales reps stay focused on their goals. Second, it encourages healthy competition among all employees and teams - ultimately driving the best possible performance while driving to company-level goals and objectives.

The different types of Performance Engagement

There are three factors that really help drive the results of Performance Engagement: recognition, feedback, and coaching.

  • Recognition is the act of acknowledging someone's efforts and achievements. It could be something as simple as a thank-you email or a public acknowledgment on the company newsfeed. Recognition is a great way to motivate your sales reps and show them that you appreciate their hard work.
  • Feedback is when you provide information about how someone's actions impacted the outcome of a situation. In the context of sales, feedback can help reps learn what works and what doesn't, so they can continue to improve their skills. Feedback should be timely and relevant, so it's most effective when given soon after the event has occurred.
  • Coaching is a process of providing guidance and support to someone so they can achieve their goals. In the context of sales, coaching can help reps learn new techniques and strategies, and improve their skills. Coaching should be tailored to the individual's needs and should be based on feedback from previous coaching sessions.

How to get started with Performance Engagement

There are a few tips you can use to get started with Performance Engagement:

  1. Define expectations and goals. Make sure that everyone involved in the Performance Engagement process understands what is expected of them. This includes setting clear goals for your sales reps, as well as providing feedback on their progress towards meeting those goals.

  2. Use gamification techniques. Gamification can be a great way to engage sales reps in the Performance Engagement process. By adding a gaming element to the process, you can make it more fun and motivating for your sales reps. Some ways to do this include awarding points for meeting goals, providing feedback in the form of leaderboards, and offering rewards for high performance.

  3. Provide ongoing recognition and feedback. Performance Engagement is not a one-time event; it should be an ongoing process that provides regular recognition and feedback to your sales reps. This helps them stay focused on meeting their goals and allows them to constantly improve their skills.

It's no secret that sales reps are the lifeblood of any company. When they're underperforming, it can cause a ripple effect that impacts productivity, motivation, and - ultimately - performance. Performance Engagement is a newer way to motivate underperforming sales reps by providing ongoing recognition, feedback, and coaching. This helps your sales reps constantly improve their skills, which leads to better productivity, motivation, and performance. Performance Engagement solutions like Arcade can track progress and provide real-time feedback - all without ever having to meet in person or call on the phone! If you want more information about Arcade can transform your pipeline performance and retain your best employees, schedule a personalized demo today!

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