Getting Started with Arcade

As you begin to use Arcade Unlimited, we're here to provide you with information to help you along your journey.
Refer to the docs below to help answer some questions about the features and functionality.

Game Center

Games center is a dashboard for all users regardless of permissions to view active, completed, and upcoming games on the desktop or mobile app. Players 

The Game Center is where players go to view active games they are participating in and the metric those games support. If their metric for a particular game is demos booked, players can view their stats on the game card in the Game Center

Each game card shows the rules of the game, how to win and your current progress toward winning.

You can view the current leaderboard and players activities by selecting See Game → to view the Game Details page.

Questions about the Game Center? Contact Arcade support at or use the pink Feedback button to submit a support request.