Getting Started with Arcade

As you begin to use Arcade Unlimited, we're here to provide you with information to help you along your journey.
Refer to the docs below to help answer some questions about the features and functionality.

Managing Tokens


  • Champions have the ability to set personal “budgets” for all managers. Managers with tokens to spend from their budget can distribute these tokens directly to players or use them to fund games by selecting their personal budget from the available funding sources. 


  • Sometimes mistakes happen & you need to take tokens you awarded back. Token Clawback allows you to remove tokens from a user's token balance. To clawback tokens, go to the manage players page and select the individual player to open their profile. Select the 3 dot ellipses menu and select clawback tokens. Then select how many tokens you would like to clawback from the player, and optionally as a reason. Note that this reason is shown on the user’s activity history.

Transaction Log

  • To view token purchase transactions, navigate to the “Transactions” tab in the side navigation bar.
  • Use the transaction report to view all account transactions including token purchased and spent, tokens distributed during games, and tokens redeemed by users. Select the ellipses in the top right to download CSV reports to create custom reports in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Reward Shop Control

  • All Arcade users can redeem their tokens in the Rewards Shop for a number of different gift card options. Users can navigate between categories to select the reward that best fits them. Once selecting a gift card, users can choose the token amount they wish to redeem from the preselected amounts. Users will not be able to redeem a reward for an amount greater than their current token balance. 

  • Once rewards are redeemed, users will receive a confirmation email from Arcade as well as an email linking them to their gift card redemption. If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. 

  • Users can input the email address where they’d like to receive their reward on this screen. Additionally, inputting a personal email address in your Arcade profile allows you to choose that email option at checkout. 

  • Users can view their reward history from their Arcade profile by selecting “Reward History” tab.
  • Champions and Managers can view reward redemption history by going to the individual user’s profile or by viewing the transaction report.

Questions about managing tokens? Contact Arcade support at or use the pink Feedback button to submit a support request.