Getting Started with Arcade

As you begin to use Arcade Unlimited, we're here to provide you with information to help you along your journey.
Refer to the docs below to help answer some questions about the features and functionality.

Newsfeed Overview

When you first login to Arcade, you’ll be taken to your Personal Newsfeed page. This page is unique to all users, and provides you updates about what’s most relevant to you in Arcade.

This includes Recognition Stars, Token awards, Reward redemptions, Badges you’ve unlocked, Game updates, and any other personal updates. For more information about all of the types of Newsfeed posts that Arcade automatically generates, see our Types of Newsfeed Posts page.

You can then select Team Newsfeed and Global Newsfeeds. The Team Newsfeeds will be the same for everyone on the same team(s) and the Global Newsfeed will be the same for everyone in your company.

If you are in multiple teams, you will be able to toggle between different Team Newsfeeds by selecting the team in the dropdown.

On Team and Global Newsfeeds you can react to posts to show your support, in addition to finding direct links to things like current games.

Champions and Managers can customize the notifications sent to the Global Newsfeed, in addition to specifying where Global Newsfeed notifications are sent to if you are integrated with a chat platform such as Slack. Additional information on customizing Newsfeed notifications can be found on our Newsfeed Notifications page.

Questions about Newsfeeds? Contact Arcade support at or use the pink Feedback button to submit a support request.