Getting Started with Arcade

As you begin to use Arcade Unlimited, we're here to provide you with information to help you along your journey.
Refer to the docs below to help answer some questions about the features and functionality.

Newsfeed Permissions & Posting

Only Champions and Managers have the permissions to post to Team and Global Newsfeeds in order to communicate with teams and your full company.

You can click on the text bubble or the post button to begin drafting your post. You can include text, images, and GIFs in your post.

If you select the X in the top right corner of your post, you can select “No” to continue drafting or select “Discard” to discard your post.

Champions and Managers can also delete posts from the Global and Team Newsfeeds. Simply hover over the ellipses in the upper right corner and select “Delete Post”

All users (Players, Managers, and Champions) have the permissions to react to messages on Team Newsfeed for teams they are a part of, and on the Global Newsfeed.

When you hover over the React Button you will receive 6 possible reactions to choose. By selecting one of those possible reactions, your reaction will be added to that post.

Questions about Newsfeed permissions? Contact Arcade support at or use the pink Feedback button to submit a support request.