Getting Started with Arcade

As you begin to use Arcade Unlimited, we're here to provide you with information to help you along your journey.
Refer to the docs below to help answer some questions about the features and functionality.

What are teams?

In Arcade, teams play a vital role in enhancing the gaming experience by allowing players to be segmented based on specific criteria. Use teams to group players together, typically based on factors such as store, location, or department. Players can be part of multiple teams, providing flexibility and adaptability. 

Players can compete within their own team or against other teams as a collective when the "Teams vs Teams" option is selected during game creation.

This adds an exciting element of competition and teamwork to the gaming experience. Administrators and managers have the authority to create and manage teams through the "Manage" tab.

To create a new team, select “Create Team.” You’ll then be prompted to create a team name, and adjust your notification settings. Then select “Create Team.”

You can then edit teams by selecting the team name. You can update the name of the team, players on that team, and notification settings.

Questions about teams? Contact Arcade support at or use the pink "?" button to submit a support request.